Wednesday, August 16, 2006

proud personal assistant

My boss and psuedo-uncle, Ron Baxter Smith, was just informed that the prestigious "international journal of visual communication", Graphis, wants to publish not one, not two, but three of Ron's photos in the upcoming Graphis Photography Annual 2007.

The shots were taken on a dull afternoon spent in Italy. Ron was bored, so he took his camera out to shoot some roots. Click, click, click: award-winning. The man's a genius. Also a little crazy.

Just one more to add alongside the 400+ other awards he's won over the years. Pardon my gushing. I'm quite pleased.

I'm also almost positive that it's some sort of copywrite infringement to post the pictures here, on my blog, so do be kind and look only. I'd rather not get sued.

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Kate said...

No offense, but Nik and Thea are back, and he posted their honeymoon pictures. While less artistic than Ron's... they're NIK AND THEA on a honeymoon, so, their photo-post wins.