Monday, May 01, 2006

...and change.

My friends from university, Nik and Thea (alias: "Nick and Al"), are getting hitched this summer. The thought fills me with such joy...I tear up. It could just be a girl thing (it's definitely a Hunter thing) to start crying when the obvious response to such news would be laughter and smiles. They adore each other, I adore them both, so why do I cry?

Ladies, help me out. I doubt it's just me who starts crying when people tell me of engagements (Shay, calling from England, had to wait while I composed myself before continuing with her happy news...), promotions involving geographical relocations, births, etc. A (male) friend of mine admitted that the last time he cried was putting together a slideshow for his sister's wedding from childhood photos.

It makes me think of this quote: "All pleasures contain an element of sadness." (Jonathan Eibeschutz) Now, before I'm lambasted for admitting to thoughts/feelings that are not saturated in joy and bliss, let's all recall the book of Lamentations...or Job...or even Proverbs. Life's benchmarks celebrate new beginnings but, in order for there to be a beginning, mustn't there also be an end? Even if the new outweighs the old in a hundred, thousand ways...aren't we all conscious of loss?

One loves the sunset when one is sad...
- Le Petit Prince

Anne Shirley: Why do people have to grow up and marry, change?
Gilbert Blythe: Oh, you'd change. If someone ever admitted that they were head over heels for you, you'd be swept off your feet in a moment.
Anne Shirley: I would not, and I defy anyone who would try and make me change.
Gilbert Blythe: You do?


Canadianna said...

"...But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world . . ."

Le Renard

Sarah-Aubrey said...

OMG! Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the newly e-relocated Angela Roberge. A wickedly funny woman with the uncanny ability to find quotes that rock my world.

This one is going in my journal, Ange.

Angela said...

I've always loved that quote. It reminds me that change isn't always a bad thing.

Sarah-Aubrey said...

I'm learning that myself.

Mimo said...

Sarah, I love your Anne and Gilbert quotes!!! We love the series and the books over here. Actually, there was a book made out of 50 years of Anne Shirley (and Emily) in Finland.. People's memories and stories of how the books have influenced them. They even got one male response. Oh and when this book was published a year ago it immediately sold out! Mimsa

Andrew G said...

do you?