Thursday, December 07, 2006

me have two jab!

For any/all of you who still care about my current employment situation (and I don't blame you if you've tuned out...I wish I could tune out myself but, well, it's my life). I went for YET ANOTHER interview at a very slick, very chic, very..."Devil Wears Prada" meets "Ugly Betty" environment (which, by the way, has anyone else noticed that the same plot is used for both feature film and sitcom syndicate?). The plastic, buxom blond who greeted/interviewed me also caters to the 30-something CEO of the company, getting his breakfast and coffee at 7:30 a.m. daily, and the rest of the polished metrosexual employees spend their time stockpiling contra to subsidize their salaries, and eye positions in finance and/or sales on the side. It just didn't sound "me".

So I completed the interview as politely as I could and left.

The good news is that another company, a much warmer, friendlier company, has contacted me to give me their front desk coordinating position. The only problem is that they keep apologizing up, down and sideways that the job won't "be what you're used to", "isn't high-powered" and that I'm overqualified.

I told them I'll start on Monday.

Now to give away my part-time Starbucks hours. Except for the odd evening/weekend I might keep around, because, heck, why not make up for all those days spent doing nothing at all?

Did I just waste another entire post with employment updating?

(if anyone, and I mean ANYONE needs tips on interviews/resumes/job hunting, do let me know...I've picked up a thing or two over the past few months and would be more than happy to pass on the wealth of knowledge - gleaned by trial and error - to anyone who might find themselves in the same or similar circumstances)


Anonymous said...

Well, aside from Matthew getting lost in the snow - I THRIVE on reading your blogs (reading between the lines - I basically watch grass grow). Anyhoo - congrats on the job!! I would LOVE to see your rez-zoomay (as some Cambridge directors used to say) - send it to me privately - I am thinking of changing careers shortly:) Marilla

Andrew G said...

two job!!! you no lazy goat

Andrea said...


I miss you like crazy Selah!

Reading your blog and filling myself in on your life. Did you hear that Matt is going to Japan?!?!

Anyway, drop me an email sometime!


Anonymous said...

Does this mean you can afford to meet me for lunch some time? Your cell phone number seems to have stopped working...
-AB, aka ZtA

Linda Hope said...

I am so proud of you!! You me Hero!