Tuesday, June 05, 2007

happy beersday

By the numbers:

27: number of years I have been alive
6: number of people chorusing "Happy Birthday" in three birthday phone calls
52: number of Facebook birthday greetings I received
(1 each from B.C., Montreal, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, 2 from England, 1 from Japan, 1 from Korea, 1 from Alaska, 2 from people I have never met in person and 1 from my old hair dresser whom I haven't visited in over three years)
3: number of office assistants from Equador who sang "happy beersday to joo" at work on Friday afternoon
4: number of hours my first birthday meal, celebrated with Amy, lasted at Joy Bistro
11: hour of the morning my incredible boyfriend, Andrew, took me out to breakfast the next morning
19: number of tracks on the birthday mix CD he made me
2,472: approximate number of freckles that appeared after an hour at the beach with Jesus
4: hour that we caught the "Pirates of the Carribean" matinée at the Paramount
9: number of cloud I was on during dinner with A. at Ultra Supper Club on Queen West
3: number of lit fountains in the pool at Queen and University that I walked through
2: number of stunning pearl earrings A. gave me...again*
15: number of minutes I spent climbing the mulberry tree in my parents' backyard with my brother, Seth
24: number of tulips sent to my office by my Kate Graham
20: number of marvelous friends that showed up at Whelan's Gate Irish Pub to celebrate last night
8: number of shots purchased for me at Whelan's...I think
4: number of days my birthday celebration lasted
2007: easily the best birthday year of my wee life

* Yes, again. In fact, the first time A. stunned me with pearl earrings was LAST year on my birthday...much weeping and gnashing of teeth followed my realization that I lost them.


Andrew G said...

i can't think of a more deserving person love... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

s@bd said...

that 'A.' guy is super-fab.

(no, seriously. for once I'm not being a smart-ass)