Friday, July 06, 2007

boys will

Boy meets girl.
Girl comes on to boy.
Boy gives in.

"Well, what guy is going to turn that down?"

This story was relayed to me this morning by my co-worker (like, totally in more, like, detail). It's a morally complicated tale, involving infidelity, deception, and dodgy booty calls - the usual water cooler gossip - and was summed up with the dismissive quip:

"Seriously, what guy?"

Why does society not only excuse but expect animalistic behaviour from men? Why do we patronize them, like dogs, saying, "Well, what do you expect?", "He couldn't help himself.", or "Boys will be boys."

Girls, stop believing the media. Stop hardening yourselves. Stop making excuses for the behaviour that you will undoubtably be subjected to. Men are not animals. Men are not helpless to temptation. Men can be incredible, inspiring, caring creations.

As the daughter of one, the girlfriend of another, the sister of two, and, one day, hoping to be the mother of a few, I would like to stand up for men. I'd like to introduce my co-worker to not just one man, an anomaly, but many men who are "what guy".

"So society tells guys that we've got elephant-sized libido...that men are driven by sex and sexuality and that it's our number one focus, that's all men care about, it's pretty much all we're interested in...there's that saying that men think a sexual thought every five seconds - that's garbage."
- A. (March 19, 2006)

Where is my John Wayne?
Where is my prairie song?
Where is my happy ending?
Where have all the cowboys gone?

- Paula Cole

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