Wednesday, June 11, 2008

1 + 1 = 1

A co-worker asked me if things were different now that I was married.

I replied, "Well, I wake up to a man sleeping beside me, for one."

Not many people pretend to understand that Andrew and I hadn't lived together before we were married. Fewer believe that we hadn't slept together. So, yes, there are a few changes now that we're married; more (and more commonplace) than most of my co-workers could imagine.
  1. Sometimes the bathroom smells of cologne.
  2. Sometimes the kitchen smells of bleach.
  3. There are boxers in the laundry.
  4. I'm always well-fed.
  5. Even at lunch the next day.
  6. If a clap of thunder wakes me from my sleep I feel a hand on my arm letting me know it's OK.
While researching the first year of marriage I came across some of the reasons why, however, there are perhaps fewer changes than my co-workers would expect. Considering our first date consisted of us delving into deep heart issues, our second date had us both in tears, within the first six months we had discussed birth control and over the course of our two-and-a-half relationship we had mastered the completion of a teacher's college education, an extensive road trip, a period of unemployment, two Freshwinds, the birth of a 24/7 week of prayer, the birth of a live worship CD, a parental hospitalization, a pastoral resignation, fourteen (or is it fifteen?) weddings (four of which we stood for), the amalgamation of our cell groups, and leading the youth of an internationally renowned church, I figure we had covered more than most couples do in the first year of marriage. We had laughed together, cried together, prayed together, fought together, traveled together, plotted together, driven together, walked together and breathed the same air for long enough that marriage was a pretty easy step, all things considered. Being that we had grown into best friends somewhere along the way there haven't been many differences in my life since we've been married.

Except, of course, for the fact that I wake up to a man sleeping beside me.


beth said...

awwww I love that pic of your hands. I love the smell of cologne and boys things in the laundry...oh I love it all!
The little things about life together are so lovely :)
Glad you are having a blast, girl.

Dave Carrol said...

wow... great blog post! A fellow blogger I see!

Andrew G said...

great post, love

You should tell them about your girl things in the laundry!!