Friday, February 27, 2009


From previous posts you'll have recognized me as a 24-7 Prayer enthusiast. If anyone is still reading this blog from back in the day you'll even recall a pilgrimage I made to the land of its uprising, here, here, and here, visiting as many points of 24-7 Prayer as I could in a five-week stint. We even hosted a week of 24-7 prayer in Toronto, with a paltry blog to go along with it (soon to be revamped and reborn - stay tuned!).

And, now, I find myself sharing my insights, dreams and vision for 24-7 as part of a national base team (email me!) for Canada. Last week, we had our first national jamboree in Niagara where I met 24-7 crazies, like myself, from B.C., Regina, and Brantford.

Since the days of my wanderings around the U.K. I've discovered many more initiatives that 24-7 is doing worldwide, such as:
Here's a simple enough definition of the 24-7 Prayer movement from our very own 24-7 Prayer Canada website:

24-7 Prayer Canada is first the invitation to pray.
And out of this prayer comes community.
And out of community we pray.
And out of community and prayer will flow justice and mission.
We celebrate this profound mystery and welcome it with a unified "Amen".

Although, according to the last 24-7 international gathering, they toyed around with the idea of making their new motto:

Just pray.


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Joy said...

Prayer is important! I agree.