Friday, February 26, 2010

Foto Friday: nylons + dried lavendar = scented drawer sachet

Sachet. I wonder how many guys reading this blog just stopped reading. Join us next week for another Wifersize Wednesday, boys! I know you read it, because you're making notes about how women think. This is where to get the inside scoop.

OK, back to sachets. I came across this idea goodness-knows-when (it might have been from my mother originally...if so, THANKS MARM) and have always wanted to try it. Last Saturday I did, and discovered it to be a pleasant and easy experience.

Here's what you'll need:
  1. A pair of nylons (I refuse to use the word pantyhose because it makes me involuntarily puke). I bought my nylons at the Dollarama. They don't have to be top quality. We're not competing for ice dance in them.

  2. Dried lavendar. My husband planted a vegetable/herb garden in the backyard last summer and we had lots of lavender left over to dry. Other sweet or spicy dried herbs will work, but stay away from using anything too savory. No one wants their sweaters smelling like crushed chilies.

  3. Scissors.

  4. A bowl for the herbs. Things tend to get a little messy/dusty.

First, cut the pantyhose, or NYLONS, into segments about 4-5 inches in length. Depending on the bulk and amount of herbs you'll be using, you might want to give yourself more room. Remember, you'll be using part of that length to tie a knot or two.

Then dump the dried lavender into a bowl (it's surprising how much lavender crushed down into so little).

Jam as much lavender into a segment as you can, starting with the toe. For middle sections, tie a knot first to form a base for the sachet and then jam the lavender in. I found it useful to make a pocket like this:

Tie a(nother) knot to close the pocket and voila! a lavender-scented sachet to use with your clothes, lingerie, towels, winter storage, etc. Just don't bother giving one to your husband. I offered a few to my husband and he asked me if I thought he would enjoy smelling of lavender. He did a fairy-like high kick along with the question, so I assume it was rhetorical.

Finished products will look like this:

If the sachet looses its scent after a while, try crushing it in your hand to release more scent. Accompany with fairy-like high kick.

Oh, and dogs seem to like the smell of lavender, whereas cats do not.


Andrew G said...

for the record: I do like the smell

Donna said...

this is cool! but I would have to buy a pair. I have one pair of red nylons but I love them too much to hurt them