Saturday, June 19, 2010

10 in 10

At the church that I pastor we've been doing a series entitled "Change & Growth". It's been a time of transition for us as a congregation (new name, now new location) so the theme has come in handy.

My question for myself, you, God, the universe in general, is: do we ever stop being in the season of transition? Even as Andrew and I grew accustomed to marriage, our in-laws, our new house, our new pets, our jobs, etc. there were other areas taking their turn at the Wheel of Fortune.

A new haircut, a birthday, traveling...even the seasons keep us actively adjusting to change. Today, for example, I left the house sweating (a friend, without exaggeration, tweeted this about Toronto's recent heat wave) and had to buy a cardigan at lunch because I'm shivering at the office.

I guess that's why Jesus called the Holy Spirit "The Comforter" and didn't promise us constant comfort.

During the whirlwind that was the time leading up to my 30th birthday and afterward, I failed to post a finale for my 30 Before 30 countdown. I think the first thing I decided to do in my 30s is NOT MAKE LISTS OF MORE THAN TEN ITEMS.

So I came up with a new list: 10 In 10. In the next decade I aim to:
  1. Become a mother.
  2. Have three books published.
  3. Read all of C.S. Lewis' works.
  4. Travel to Italy.
  5. Move to High Park.
  6. Take vocal lessons.
  7. See everyone in our small group happily married.
  8. To collaborate with Andrew on a CD.
  9. Sharpen my prophetic gift.
What about you? Are you coming up to (or have you just achieved) a milestone in your life? What are the goals you've set to keep you moving forward?

A man thirty years old, I said to myself,
should have his field of life all ploughed, and his planting well done;
for after that it is summer time.

- Lew Wallace Everything

Everything I know I learned after I was thirty.

- Georges Clemenceau

At twenty years of age, the will reigns;
at thirty, the wit; and at forty, the judgment.

- Benjamin Franklin


Matt said...

GREAT List Sarah!

I hope all of those things and more happen for your next ten years!

beth said...

This is fab, Sarah...

You are already such an accomplished woman - I can't wait to see how the things on this list begin to be checked off one by one in perfect timing.
Oooo yes, I especially like #1 !!!

Mark surprised me with a violin about three weeks ago. He put it in our laundry bin so I could find it there while rummaging around for lights and darks.
We already have so much *good stuff* on our plates, but he remembered somewhat of a similar list I had shared with him.

I balled :D Now I am slowly etching away at a fun, life-giving goal. It is great to share these lists with people who can keep us accountable, encourage us, and heck, make sure our dreams don't get left in the laundry bin!

Keep livin' the dream, Sar!
We love you guys X

Seth Kimberley Graham Hunter said...

I want to join your cell group now.