Friday, December 03, 2010

foto friday: first aid

Last week I attended a St. John's Ambulance first aid training course (S.J.A.F.A.T.C., for short).  Concerned as I was about having to potentially give a stranger mouth-to-mouth to pass the course, I ended up meeting some lovely middle-aged, power-suit-clad women who were all thrilled to be there: 

I did not have to practice mouth-to-mouth on any of them.

We were each given a hefty first aid manual to follow along from.  The diagrams kept me amused for most of the day - everything from how to deliver a baby (I spared you the image) to what to do with a severed human appendage:

Alas, mouth-to-mouth had to be practiced eventually and plastic dummies were handed out along with chest (similar to an air mattress foot pump) and makeshift lung (plastic bag).  I named him Esteban:

(In the above image you can also see the detailed notes I took purposelessly...our trainer gave us all the answers to the quiz and a little part of my A+ ideology died.)

Speaking of things that died, Esteban was not resuscitated despite multiple rounds of ventilations (2) and chest compressions (30).  Here, you see, he looks a little pale.

I did, however, pass (well, we all did - but I would have scored 100% if I was allowed the chance) and I'm now certified to save your life if you choke or have something lodged in your skin or are chemically burned or sever your hand or accidentally go into labour.

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Seth Kimberley Graham Hunter said...

Sweet! I'm certified too. Did you learn about spinals? they are ridiculous...