Friday, January 28, 2011

foto friday: recap of the last month or so

Update on my first week of freedom: conveniently enough, Andrew is free during the mornings this week (it's exam season at school) so we've been enjoying sleeping in, having long breakfasts with tea, catching up on our readings, watching TV shows, and BOOKING A VACATION TO CANCUN.

We're going for March Break - our first vacation since our honeymoon!

After spending some time on my MacBook, I realized I had stockpiled quite a few pictures that I had meant to post on Foto Friday but hadn't found the time.  Now I have the time.  OH, DO I HAVE THE TIME.

I recently had lunch with a friend at 7 West and saw this scene unfold at the table near us.  A 20- or 30-year old taking his grandmother (presumably) out for lunch.  She was showing him Starbucks gift cards that she had received for Christmas.  "You see, the problem is," she explained, "I don't know how much it's worth.  Can I buy coffee beans with it?"

I love the little details at 7 West.  

Solomon has absolutely fallen in love with winter this year.  The only problem is, when the snow is deep, his tennis ball is difficult (slash, impossible) to retrieve.  This, for a retriever is unacceptable.  I think he's still pondering a few tennis balls that we lost last week.

One of his favourite things is for us to throw shovel-full loads of snow on his face.  I doubt if Oberon would find it as amusing.

Our annual young adult conference, Heavy Rain, was again a huge success which was miraculous since Andrew and I found ourselves in charge of more than we were used to and (as you know) our December left little time to breath, let alone plan a conference for 800-1,000 young adults.  Our team is amazing.

New Years Eve set worked out during dinner at Montana's.

Sim and Jess, conquering the world.  But having a quick beer at The Local first.

I don't know about you, but 78 of anything doesn't seem like the solution to stress.

From my days working at Yield, the famous Rubber Band Ball of Reception.  It took 2.5 years to make, was kidnapped at one point by a graphic designer (who left threatening random notes around the office for me to find...complete with bits of rubber band stapled to each one), and even came with me to my new job.  Since the rubber was beginning to deteriorate, I figured it was time to bid it adieu.  

Farewell, Rubber Band Ball of Reception.  You were a good friend.

And, along with it, a fond farewell to my last desk job.  See how tidy?

And hello to my new church office job.  See how untidy?  More on this later.  I'm pretty sure my next project will be funkifying this space up.  It needs an overhaul if it wants to be anything other than a uterus-coloured cubicle of an office hidden within Children's Ministry.  I have my work cut out for me.  


heather mcfeather said...

just across the street from the local, my art was hanging last month in gate 403! small world.
(do you guys live around there??)

Andrew G said...

"Uterus-coloured" is a great descriptor.

Also, my Word Verification word is "brist" and I think I like it.

Sarah Aubrey said...

Yes, we live a little farther north. I LOVE the area and we're trying to move into it. :)