Thursday, October 27, 2005

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

We all own 'em. Many of us love 'em. So, when asked by Andrew about my favourite shoes, I complied. I figured I'd share it with the world because, well...I've never knew just how attached I was to something that clads my feet until I had to write about it.
In chronological order, my top five:

1. I had a very small pair of black patent leather shoes when I was about three years old. I loved them because they were so shiny. In fact, it was when I was about three when I learned the word "patent" from my mother, in regards to these shoes. I wore them to church, mostly. When I went out for Hallowe'en that year (the first, and last year for a long, long time due to the fact that I was scared out of my wits and my parents had to console me for about an hour before I could sleep that night), dressed as Cinderella (complete with a pumpkin - made to look like a coach - which was a perfect size because I was such a tiny kid), my mother covered my black patent leather shoes with aluminium foil. I was astounded. My mother made me glass slippers. Genius.

2. When I was in Buffalo with my family for vacation, we went shopping at a place called G.H. Bass & Co. I think I was about 14 or 15 at the time, and unused to shopping for myself because my mother generally did the honours. But there we were, in G.H. Bass & Co., when I saw a pair of leather sandals. Not just any sandals, really, because they had a special, padded sole and the thick, dark brown straps were topstitched with lighter brown stitching. They were very rugged looking...very Australian Outback. They were expensive, but came with some ridiculously long warrantee so I proposed that I use my own money to purchase them based on logical deduction and customer saavy. My parents were impressed. The shoes proceded to follow me through a few Canadian summers, mostly spent up at camp romping through the forest, and three months in India in 2000, including a trek in the Himalayas. While in Toronto, I had the stitching repaired at a local shoe repair guy but he always did a hack job. In India, I had to get the stitching retouched again, and the darling, ancient Indian man, with hands as leathery as my shoes, repaired them so beautifully I would have prefered his job to the original stitching from Bass. He also refused payment. I almost cried. In fact, I did shed a tear when recently, now in Korea, my shoes have stared to split in the sole. The local Korean shoe repair man can't do anything for them. I thought of throwing them out because, really, do I need to lug home any more luggage than I already have to lug? no. but I just can't bring myself to do it. I'm going to bring them home in hopes that the G.H. Bass & Co. warrantee was, in fact, a lifelong one.

3. I own a pair of parade (army) boots. I bought them at the Old Clothing Show at the Ex one year, from a booth that originated in Kengsington (like Exile, or something). My ubercool mother had already bought a pair, as had my father, so it wasn't like I was rebelling or anything. I loved them right away. I love the weight of them when I wear, "I'm small and blond, but I could kick your ass." When I went to England I wore them so much in the rain outside, I had to polish them every few days or so. To this day, some of my friends from that time remember me sitting, crosslegged, at Holmsted Manor (the YWAM base in Sussex), furiously polishing the heel and toe of a boot. Also, I wore them for a concert called 2000 ACTS (if you've heard of it, I'll have to explain more and, if you haven't, don't worry) with a skirt. That was always my favourite combination: long, flowing, feminine skirt...WITH KICK-YOUR-ASS BOOTS.

4. Before I left for Korea, I spotted a pair of Steve Madden shoes at a store downtown. They were slick - the kind of shoe you wear when you want to be sexy, but also dangerous. They're kitten-heeled (a la Audrey Hepburn), with a gap at the arch of the foot, and a very sharp, witch-like pointed toe. They're black, with hot pink interiors. Problem was, I was just about to leave and was attempting to save money. I lamented to Kate about them (as only girls can do) and described them in detail. About a week before my departure, Kate came to pick me up at work downtown in her car. Before I got in, she ordered for me to close my eyes and hold out my hands. In them, she placed...the Maddens. I could tell what they were by the feel of the shape of them. Shrieks, hugs, more shrieks, etc. And this proves that a) I have the best friend in the world, and b) these shoes deserve to be on my top five list.

5. The last pair of shoes I bought here in Korea actually makes my top five. First, I think it's the most I've paid on a pair of shoes. I have a million pairs of shoes, but none of them have cost me more than $10, on average...before these ones. I was shopping in a department store with my friend, Matt, when he asked if we could stop while he looked at buying a new watch. I said no problem. WHILE HE WAS LOOKING AT THE WATCHES, I casually turned around, spotted these shoes, asked the price, tried them on, and bought them. When Matt had found a watch worthy of purchasing, about 10 minutes later, I sheepishly showed him my shoebag. They're moss green, with a three inch heel, ankle strap, and fancy detailing around the closed toe. They fit like a dance shoe, which is important in a three inch heel. They were my first pair of "Sex In The City" shoes and I feel exactly like Carrie Bradshaw when I wear them.


Andrea said...

Thanks for the bedtime story ;)

I'm a one pair of shoes type of girl. Well, two, shoes for working out, and shoes for...not working out.

Are you surprised??


Kate Dias said...

Andrea, I'm sorry I've never met you. I'm even more sorry you don't share a love of shoes.

The glorious world of leather, synthetics, suede, canvas, 5-inch heels, kitten heels, flats, square-toe, round-toe, pointy-toe, ankle-high boots, knee-high boots, pre-treated hiking boots, cleats, faithful runners, flip-flops in every colour of the rainbow, black/brown staple pairs, and everyone's favourite: the purchased-in-NYC-wear-once-in-a-lifetime pairs.

As noted in number 4, all you need to be a good friend to Sarah is to buy her shoes, apparently. Please, make sure they're adorable, with a personality of their own. Oh wait, thats all pairs.

Take care y'all. I'm off to buy another pair...


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