Wednesday, October 11, 2006

blogging up a lung

It's that time again. Time to re-evaluate blogging as being anything more than an egomaniacal extension of our souless society.

Someone* recently left a comment on an entry that I had posted back in February of this year. Mystery Commenter makes a good point. I have attached the comment below for those of you who are curious. I especially like the line: "Just live in the vine, and go out and heal someone."

As much as I would like to defend blogging I can't help but admit that it made a lot more sense while I was overseas - it's purpose at that time being a way to keep in touch with friends and family back home. By this rational, A.J. and Alyn's blog and Nik and Thea's blog hold more value than, say, Kate or Andrew's because I see them all the time.

However, while Nik was still in the country I can remember reading posts of his that really, truly made me think and even change my opinion. And isn't that worth something? Both Angela and Shannon's blog have never failed to make me laugh...or, at very least, vow to hone my vocabulary and wit. Through my very own blogging experience I have made met the acquaintance of Mimo from Finland (who, following a various TACFers blogs, knew that A. and I were going to get together before we did), Nik and Thea have been made into low-grade e-stars through Shannon's readership, A.J. and Alyn announced that they are expecting a baby, my friend and the chaplain of Victoria University in B.C., Caron, has become a fan of Shannon's, and Pud gave A. and me something to discuss in length over the phone.

So I will continue to support blogging. However, as part of a low fat, balanced and health conscious blogging lifestyle I will adhere to the following self-imposed rules:
  1. Post only that which I myself would want to read.
  2. Take time and effort in constucting a post.
  3. Visit my list of select blogs frequently to keep the blogging gears well-oiled.
  4. Live in the vine, and go out and heal someone.
But don't get my started on MySpace...

Oh, and Kate and Paul's engagement photos have been put online. Enjoy.
* Really, does it matter who it is? Just read the comment.
RodeoClown said...

Thank you Andrew for your deep thoughts on the matter. You make me largh too.

Sure blogging takes the place of conversations once made in person. Maybe the place of literary masterpieces that would have taken time, energy and discipline. Much like Michelangelo vs. ceiling tiles, or Mozart vs. "The Salads", "The Strokes", "The Spoons", "The White Stripes" and I'm sure; "The Lettuce".

I think worse than this, is the generation's tendency to look at their life from some image of a "larger perspective" (any good emo likes to dabble with this), and see that they are born so they can go to school, so they can get a job, so they can retire, so they can die. They read about DaVinci, Michelangelo, and Mozart while getting their necessary education, and see "life".

"This guy had accomplishments that people even now are talking about. DaVinci had a book of pictures of helicopters - maybe I can do that too. Maybe I can make a dent in the world. Maybe I'm worth something. Maybe I can have people talk about me years from now. Because right now - I'm not worth sh!t. I live, and I die. I need to scream my thoughts from rooftops; I need to get my word out there. I need to mean something, to someone - but even so - who are they, to be worth anything for me to care? When I die - I'm dead."

Now, depending on the person, the root isn't quite this well known. The world is set up according to "action/reaction" laws - and it doesn't matter on whether or not one sees the "action" - there's still a reaction. There are still countries under the poverty line whether or not you choose to go on a mission to see it, or not. There is a noise in the forest when a tree falls. You will still be producing rotten fruit, whether you realize a part of you is not in His perfect plan or not. Saving treasures where computer viruses and network crashes destroy? In the true eternal picture: who the crap really cares?

But who am I? I have rotten fruit; but I am not moved to make an entropic society. That is, after all, another law of nature.

“Hey, look at me, I posted my opinion on the inter-web!” Just live in the vine, and go out and heal someone. I’m tired of the noise.


Anonymous said...

I think the reason many people blog (not all) is out of loneliness. They have no real friends, the church has unknowningly shut them out and they want a place to let their thoughts be heard.

For me blogging showed me what an amazing person I am. I'm not being egotistical here but I've learned to appreciate myself. Putting everything on a page was gratifying to me and I became more computer literate in the process. It also allowed me to show sides of myself that people never see. It's my creative outlet and even if no one reads it I've grown through the process.

s@bd said...

Multiple, complimentary mentions?!

Why thank you verrry much.

And, I blog because:
a) my parents often live far away
b) instead of me having to call every friend, far and near, to tell them what's going on, I can just send them the link to my blog (beats repeating myself. truly, it does!)
c) I wrote before I blogged. But with blogging, I feel pressured (in a good way) to make sure I get the experiences down. I LOVE that my kids will be able to look back and have a real sense of what they were like as babies as well as what I was like.
d) I love not having notebooks all over the place and trying to figure out where I wrote what.

there are more reasons, but i have to go finish a post

Angela said...

First off: Your title is disgusting.

I love it.

Second: Call me depthless, myopic and puerile, but why can't I blog for the same reason others journal?

Chronicle my fascinating journey.

Detail my views on Life, The Universe and Everything.

Dredge up a horde of praise-wielding sycophants.


Sarah-Aubrey said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for your comment. Praytell, who are you?

And a comment from each of my favourite bloggers: Shannon and Angela! As long as you two are blogging critics of the blogosphere will be silenced...because it's hard to argue when you're laughing your guts out.

donna said...

Hey Sarah. I must say I love your blog. I've read it for a while, but couldn't comment on it for some reason :o)

I hated blogging for a long time. Then for some reason I decided to start, and it isn't actually that bad. I guess I thought I was too boring, and was scared what people would think reading my ho-hum thoughts. Now I walk during the day and it hits me "I should blog about this". I guess I'm a convert.

Love You. Donna

Anonymous said...

Hello? What am I missing? You simply CANNOT justify blogging - it's like trying to justify someone's art, their self expression. A blog is a blog for arts sake!

Girlfriend, you blog whatever and whenever you want - I LOVE reading every single word.

Marilla @ UVic (not Victoria University:)

Andrew G said...

love you, cara mia

Mimo said...

lol! the story wasn't exactly like that but close. I think I just knew before you went public about it (in blogland anyway), but then again who knows, maybe i did before you even got together.. Am kinda sharp with these things.. =)

(it was more like:

1 oh,Sarah is in a rship now! she just wrote about that in her blog..
2 oh, so is Andrew!
3 Aha!

Thanks to myspace..just happened accidentally to visit both of yous pages at the same time)

A.J. said...

I agree, let's not justify bloggin let's just enjoy it! :-)

Sarah Gaz said...

"2) Take time and effort in constucting a post."


Don't worry... I'm still keeping an eye out for Johnny Depp the "hotsert"

J Puddy said...

I like.

Personally, I blog to keep track of things, and to try and bring order to my thoughts. As Angela pointed out, can we blog in place of journaling? I personally have NEVER been able to journal, in the sense many at church do. (Part of that is I am daily losing the ability to write with pen on paper... no joke, ask Maija.)

Good post. Keep em coming.