Friday, October 13, 2006

The List

[Including Andrew's original - and endearingly sweet - answers, circa October 2006.]

0. Are you a Christian? Yes
  1. Do you snore? No
  2. Do you have a problem with doing the dishes/laundry/ironing? No, I don’t enjoy doing those things much tho
  3. Can you deal with mom? Absolutely
  4. Can you dance? Better than most people
  5. Do you hoot and holler at other women (even when I’m not around)? No
  6. Can you play with small children for long amounts of time (and like it)? Absolutely
  7. Are you creative? Most days
  8. Do you find me too emotional? (...too bad...) Never
  9. Can you find poetry in things that aren’t poems? ;-) Yes
  10. Do you whine? Very infrequently
  11. Are you gentle? Most days
  12. Do you like to travel? Yes
  13. Are you too clingy/needy? No (sometimes a fault)
  14. Can you make me laugh? Most days
  15. Do you love cats? ...
  16. Do you like polka music? No
  17. Do you change diapers? Not regularly, but I have
  18. Can you do random/unorthodox/spastic/impromptu stuff for no reason? Yes
  19. Can you stand out in the rain? Learning...
  20. Do you mumble? Very infrequently
  21. Do you have a bad temper? No...
  22. Do you listen to other people’s points of view? Yes, even when they’re wrong
  23. Were you ever a serial dater/player? no
  24. Do you love your mommy? yes
  25. Do you love your mommy too much? no
  26. Have you ever cried in a movie/book/play? Many times
  27. Have you ever cried over the loss of a pet? yes
  28. Do you give good/plentiful hugs? yes
  29. Do you give massages? Might save this one for later
  30. Can you spend long amounts of time snuggling and nothing else? Ha ha... I’d love to... With a certain Aubrey
  31. Do you punch girls? WHAT?!? Not unless they’re actually men in disguise
  32. Do you run to alcohol/women/other when you’re upset? no
  33. Are you a dreamer? yes
  34. Do you love yourself? yes
  35. Are you material driven/focused? No
  36. Would you pick flowers for me? Yes, but Jasmine is difficult to find in Toronto, my love
  37. Can you hang out with my brothers? Most days
  38. Can you fix things? Within reason, yes
  39. Have you been to India? Nope, but Bangladesh, yes ( Formerly part of British India, the region, as East Pakistan, became one of the two geographical units of Pakistan. After civil war, the independent republic of Bangladesh was proclaimed in 1971.)
  40. Do you spit in public? Rarely
  41. Do you have a problem with PDA (within reason)? No (within reason)
  42. Do you like to listen? You your voice, yes
  43. Will you tell me how to dress/behave? No, you hear His voice well enough for yourself AND if you want my opinion, you usually ask (although sometimes I forget this and put my foot in my mouth)
  44. Do you instigate? Most days (in good ways)
  45. Will you let me instigate? Hmmm, good question. If you feel peace, then yes.
  46. Are you patient? Learning to be

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