Monday, November 27, 2006

merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream

Has it really been nearly a month since I last posted?

I can't count the amount of times I've wanted to scream "STOP THE TRAIN, I WANT TO GET OFF" over the past few months but, alas, the train continued on its tracks and, rejoice! it has brought me to this rather (comparitively) enjoyable and peaceful moment on Monday, November 27, 2006.

November at a glance:
  • Went to Kate's cottage with Paul and Sudburian friend, Steve. Had delightful time. It will be noted that, during a rousing game of Scattegories, Paul tried to use "automobile" as mode of transportation starting with "o". To his credit, he pronounced it "ooooooohtomobile".
  • Attended youth concert, Kairos, as a groupie of the Youth Network Band. Emo band "Hello Kelly" played before the YN Band so I tried my hand at being 16 again. Unpleasant. Discovered that one Hello Kelliest is oldtime childhood friend, James Watts.
  • Susan and Noel had a delightful housewarming soirĂ©e at their place in Burlington. Wonderful evening. And the only reason I would subject myself to setting foot in Burlington.
  • With the dashing A, went to Roy Thompson Hall for the symphonic presentation of Rimsky-Korsakov's Shahirizad. Forgot to breathe. I'm not joking.
  • Still working at Bucks. Wait. Did I tell you all that I'm working at Bucks? Well, I am. Still. Another job pending. Keep praying. Because as charming as 5:00 a.m. openings are...

I've been up since verrrrry early, have had a little too much caffeine today, should probably work on my teacher's college application, but wanted to get the news out to all you lovlies that, yes, I am still alive. In addition to the craziness recently, my beloved 12" G4 iBook (nicknamed "Baby"...for obvious reasons - it takes after its mother: small, white, and cute) has suffered a severe stroke and might not recover. Making emails/blog postings/etc. even more difficult than before. Your patience during this time of grief is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

OH MY WORD!!! I thought you had up and moved away -do you know how often I check your blog and pray pray pray for a morsel of news?? Oh happy happy day...there's an update!! Although in your absence I've become well acquainted with your friend Shannon - she's addictive cuz she updates so often. Enough about that...what happened with the PowerBook? My G4 is chugging along but after all these years I thought they were invincible. So good to hear of you and thanks for the update. We're in our 'every 10 years there's' a snow storm - so deal with it' and it's been a delicious 'snow day'. Marilla in Victoria

s@bd said...

working at Bucks = not great
dating a guy who takes you to Shahirizad = AMAZING

you'll be just fine.

nikolas said...

Teacher's college applications? Shwat?

A.J. said...

OK Bucks - nope didn't know that.
baby problems- that explains the lack of response!
A- well he's just great isn't he!

Ummm teacher's college? Stop the press and please expand!

Sarah-Aubrey said...

Marilla - I have composed half a dozen responses to your email in my head...but they've all remained in my head. Soon, they shall emerge.

Shannon - looks like you have a cult following! When are you going to the opera?

Nik - mom's finally worn me down and is now in the "I TOLD you you would be a good teacher...I always TOLD you..." stage. I'm applying. I hope. I have, like, four days to complete it.

AJ - Yeah, the G4 decided to go on strike. I'm finding it odd, not to mention a little embarassing. My PC friends are also in the "I TOLD you not to buy a Mac" stage.

Andrew G said...

well, we can tell all those friends to get thee behind your cute bum