Wednesday, January 03, 2007

forget norway

For fourteen days, mon amour, known affectionately to blogland as "A.", will be 3,555 miles away from me in a place called Stavanger, in a land called Norway.

Pardon my momentary (and not at all usual...I have many Norwegian friends and have long wanted to visit Norway for myself) distaste for said country. The picture above, for those not in the know, is from a website called Weebls Stuff regarding a song about Kenya and, by very odd connection, Norway.

He will be leading worship for an international pastors conference. He's nervous about it, silly rabbit. He's amazingly talented, anointed and charismatic. What's not to love?

Back off, girls.


Andrew G said...

you have nothing to worry about my love...

A.J. said...

We will take care of him Sarah and give him lots of encouragement!!!