Monday, January 29, 2007

pop goes the ankle

Shannon seems to be the only one posting about injuries in the blogposse that I hang with and I was beginning to feel left out.

So I decided to sprain my ankle.

Scene 1: late departure from work, miss last bus out to church, wait at Dixon and Kipling for the 58 Weston, in a blizzard, decide to grab a tea to prevent hypothermia, prance over small snow bank, misjudge mound's exact shape, land...askew.

A sickening pop, an even more sickening feeling (complete with dizziness, nausea, hot/cold flashes, throbbing, and delirious laughter through tears), a bus ride and a 10 minute jaunt - why?! - to TACF, and I was able to lean on Mel's hug, Sticks' donation of Kleenex, and my Extremely Hot and Attentive Boyfriend's piggypack to Firehall later that night.

Scene 2: wake up, swing legs over side of bed, traverse to bathroom, blood rushing to already swollen ankle produces sharp, stabbing feeling, vision of bathroom blurs, crawl way back to safety of bed.

Unfortunately the injury prevented me from attending a bridal shower for the Illustrious Kate Dias-Soon-To-Be-Graham and landed me in a hospital waiting room for two hours with my dad later that afternoon. Blasted snow drift.


Joey said...

Sarah, hope your ankle is mending well. . . . .

Andrew G said...

aawwww... It's a travesty and I've had to forgive that snow mound a number of times already.

I'm glad it's getting better tho love.

Sgt Steve said...

ahh, blasted snow mound. Inconcievable! oh well, could have been worse, maybe.

hope its healing in stealthy Jesus timing. yip!

s@bd said...

You may recall AJ's posting of the turtle bruises ...?

s@bd said...

Just sayin': I'm not the only one.