Tuesday, October 02, 2007


(from a website yoinked from my boy)

Who enjoys going around the mountain a second time?
Anyone? Anyone?

Much like this time last year, I find myself unemployed and wondering why. Not only that, but in the search to be gainfully employed I find myself asking those deep, sometimes helpful, always time-consuming questions like:

Well, what do I want to be doing?
What was I made to do?
Do I still belive in destiny?
Should I just plant a garden?*

Neck-deep in recently published books on finance, loaned excerpts from inspirational authors, quotes from big-name dreamers, and a myriad of interests, skills and goals, I seem stuck. How many people do I know who are doing what they love AND getting paid for it? Is it (hu)man's task to seek out a hidden destiny?
* "It is the mark of maturity to stop waiting for someone to bring you flowers and plant a garden."

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