Thursday, September 13, 2007

007 Kitty

Emails passed between my roommate, Nicole, and myself today regarding our mischievious cat, Audrey Hepburn:

From: Sarah Aubrey Hunter
To:Nicole Evans

Oh, here's a fun story: as I got ready for work, I washed my face and Audrey sitting in the sink. Then I Audrey hanging around the apartment. I whistled and called for her EVERYWHERE and Audrey at all. Then I looked out of the dining room window. She's frolicking in the garden.

OK, this was at 12:30 IN THE AFTERNOON.

So she had been frolicking since about 8:30 when you left. It's hilarious that she had four hours to kill and didn't get any farther than that garden. Good to know for later. She's pretty house trained, I guess...just keeps mistaking the garden for another living room.

From: Nicole Evans
To: Sarah Aubrey Hunter

I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man, she’s quick – I watched the door, but turned my head for literally one second and I heard some trees rustle right next to the door. I stopped. Turned around. Looked through the bushes….. but saw nothing. She must have jetted out the door and hid, waiting for me to walk away before she moved again. 007 kitty.

I personally think she was out looking for Andrew. But she would have had to venture a little farther than the front garden to find him in Dallas, Texas...


Andrew G said...

quick... get her spayed before you have lots of kittens around

beth said...

awwwwwwww I love your kitty, she must have grown so much since I saw her last at Carolyn's shower...what a sneaky one she is!