Monday, August 13, 2007


Southern Dictionary:
shrimp - "shree-yimp"
mother - "moe-ther"
amen - "ay-min"
expression of exasperation - "Great day in the mornin'!" expression of exasperation, short-formed - "Great day!"

AJ Malett Jones and I went ("wee-int") to North Carolina this weekend for a women's conference at a church called East Side World Outreach Church (aka: "The Purple Church") this weekend and had an absolute blast. Let me tell you, those Southern women know a thing or two about love, life and laughter. I feel like I have a dozen mamas and a dozen more sisters in Shalotte now - and I miss them already.

AJ's little one, Zoe Abigail ("Abi") Jones, was a 4-month-old traveling MIRACLE. She grinned, snoozed and cooed through security checks, take-offs, landings, three days of conference, 37 degree heat, being jostled in car seats, strollers, cribs and various people's arms and even sleeping through a delayed flight in Washington D.C. on the way home and an impromptu hotel layover. Oh, and have I mentioned how cute she is?
Things I Learned:

1. Millionaires are sometimes confused as gardeners.
2. Lightening can strike your bum if you're sitting on a toilet during a storm.
3. There are at least five ways of eating rotisserie chicken.

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A.J. said...

Great day in the morning I love your things you learned!
Thanks for the lovely words about Abi (I'll pay you next time I see you). She miss you I think but still responds to your strange high pitched noises although I am not sure I am doing them right!

Well I think I'll go get me some rotisserie chicken!