Monday, January 07, 2008

sailing, sailing, over the ocean blue

My step, my swing, my song conveys to all
That out of mind and deep in love am I;
The mooring lines are loose, my port of call
The ceremony when our knot is tied.
But this is not a tether I have known
Of hand or arm, of neck or other part,
The less we strive the tighter we are sewn
Together, lightweight cords from heart to heart.
He's from my hopes, he's made of every dream
And out of all the stories I've been told
A whisper can be heard, "It's as it seems -
The best is yet to be, so let's grow old!" *
One thought pervades as sails unfurl at sea:
The promise of my husband yet to be.

* props hereby given to Robert Browning


Sgt Steve said...

hey!! So I just read er and Andrew engagement story, loved it!! And yu know, for the record and such, when I read that Andrew was really nervous, I got realy scared. Cause if Andrew of all people gets nervous, how the heck am I gonna be able to even speak!?? hahaha!! Some how I onlt got butterflies a few times...go figure.

I LOVE IT!!!! Everyone should get engaged!...and ultimatly married!!!

Sgt Steve said...

i apolijize fer my lousy speling. i from up norht yu know.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to know why a pearl?

Sarah-Aubrey said...

I'm curious to know who you are.

Andrew G said...

so lovely, my lovely