Tuesday, November 18, 2008

30 before 30 revisited

I tripped over this ancient blog post a while ago.

So, here I am, 28 years, 5 months, 16 days old. I still have a little while to go in completing The List. Problem is, since writing this post the first time around I have only managed to complete #7, #11, #16, #19, #20, #26, #29? (I married one - does that count?) and, of course, #30...which means I still have nearly 80% to complete in just under two years.

Unfortunately, buying a house, being a youth pastor and having a child aren't on this list (silly 2007 me!) which would have made it easier to finish, since they are milestones I'll most likely hit before I'm 30 anyway.
  1. Take dance lessons again.
  2. Get my driver's license.
  3. Perform in live theater again.
  4. Visit ESL teacher-friends in B.C.
  5. Watch the Nutcracker live.
  6. Organize and attend a 10 year DTS reunion at Holmsted Manor.
  7. Attend a Coldplay concert.
  8. Visit my grandparents in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  9. Take vocal lessons. Preferably jazz.
  10. Upgrade my B.A. to an honours.
  11. Promote 24/7 Prayer (preferably a Boiler Room) in Toronto.
  12. See my grade 6 teacher, Miss Huberts, again.
  13. Visit the twins I used to babysit, Dylan and Taylor, when I was a teenager.
  14. Find my pearl earrings.
  15. Finish my tattoo.
  16. Get into the habit of saving regularly.
  17. Write and publish a book.
  18. Host a proper, large-scale house party. At my own house.
  19. Do a wine tasting tour in Niagara.
  20. Get a credit card. Use it wisely.
  21. Spend one weekend in seclusion and silence away from the city.
  22. See Venice and Florence.
  23. Do a day at the spa.
  24. Read The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky.
  25. Volunteer with a homeless ministry downtown.
  26. Do a Healing Week.
  27. Go on a trip with each of my brothers, specific to them.
  28. Scuba dive.
  29. Promote and support local artists, musicians and performers.
  30. Get married.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

So pleased that we made #4!

I'll be back in Vancouver post-March-ish. Not staying here in K-town for too much longer, can't hack it. I'd love an email when you get a chance...you can't be THAT busy ;)