Thursday, August 07, 2008

finish this sentence

i am: wifersizing.
i think: things will be OK in the end.
i know: that I'm loved.
i want: to be at rest.
i have: a surplus of friends.
i wish: for eternal perspective.
i hate: deception.
i miss: summers spent up north.
i fear: fear itself.
i feel: at home.
i hear: internal narrative.
i smell: damp pavement from the open window.
i crave: reality.
i search: for poetry.
i wonder: about the supernatural.
i regret: wasting time on regrets.
i love: Andrew's scent.
i ache: when I've spent too much time at a computer.
i care: more than I let on.
i always: dream.
i am not: boring.
i believe: that heaven is conspiring in my favour.
i dance: because its easier than words.
i sing: absentmindedly.
i don’t always: assume the best.
i fight: bad grammar.
i write: to iron out the wrinkles.
i win: some.
i lose: some.
i never: use the word "never" without wincing.
i confuse: my husband.
i listen: to the wind, to the wind of my soul.*
i can usually be found: if you search enough.
i am scared: that my dreams mean more than I think they do.
i need: touch to feel connected.
i am happy about: prospects.

Yoinked from this random blogger.
* Cat Stevens, The Wind


Andrew G said...

i am happy about: you

Andrew G said...

You know, I realize I've become one of those husbands who leaves random, seemingly stupid, lovey-dovey comments on your blog and I don't mind at all.

Ashli said...

Hey, It's been a long time. I enjoy keeping up with you per your blog world.
Life is beautiful.
I found this website and thought that you might enjoy it.

ps. I think 10 year DTS reunion is a brilliant idea! Also, congrats on finding a wonderful man to enjoy life alongside; there is nothing else like it.