Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I know I'm a little early. But I woke up this morning and a breeze blew through the kitchen window that didn't smell like summer anymore. It made me sneeze. My husband reminded me to wear something warm.

"I'm wearing a cardigan."

"Will that be enough?"

When I reached work and bent down to pick up the Globe and Mail from the front door a red-brown leaf stared up at me from the ground, as if to say, "Yes. It's that time again."

I've always loved the fall. Part of my love stems from an unabashed nerdiness - fall meant school and I loved school. Fall means Back to School shopping. Fall means stationary. Fall reminds me of Anne and Gilbert on The Bridge:
and of Kate and Paul's engagement last year two years ago:
and of High Park:
and of the annual Trinity College Book Sale:
and of the Woodbridge Fall Fair:
and of taking glamour shots on the side of the street in Anyang, and of playing in piles of leaves with my brothers on the front lawn, and of walking through the Glen Stewart Ravine on Thanksgiving day with my family, and of sitting on the grass at Erindale Campus eating my lunch between classes, and of the fireplace at Malvern, and of Bash the Pumpkin celebrations in the Rhema building of the YWAM base in Cambridge...

This morning, as I snuggled with my brand new husband, I knew this autumn promised to be the best yet.


Paul Graham said...

um last year? By that do you mean two years ago? It was October 2006.

Andrew G said...

yes, Paul... two years ago

I love the autumn too la... looking forward to big, heavy sweaters and fall peaches


Sarah Aubrey said...

You're both correct.

I blame late-night-Olympic-watching and three meetings at work today for my lapse in memory.


Andrew G said...

mmmm... Olympics

nikolas said...

Definitely a more uplifting view of Autumn than I was able to muster. But I had forgotten about Fall peaches.