Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a study in curly haired boys

It's no surprise to most that I tend to develop crushes on pianists. Like him, him, him and, of course, him.

But, I'd like to take a moment to mention my first piano-man crush. I think I was about four years old. His name was Keith.

He was, in my mind, the perfect man. He liked animals. He had an amazing voice. He had passion. He loved his wife and kids. He was funny ("
Would one of the angels like to go out and get the Lord a hamburger and a Coke?"). He was feisty ("Jesus came to your door, you've left him out on the streets."). Plus, my dad loved him.

The other day, I realized this childhood crush may have influenced me to crush on other pianists. Namely, my husband. Notice the following:

The similar album covers:

The similar plaid shirts:

The similar hair:

What strikes me as most similar about these two pianists, however, is their pure, unadulterated, passionate love of Jesus. My opinion may be considered biased but I can easily say that I haven't known anyone who loves Jesus more than my husband. It oozes from him. He reads scripture about Jesus and and is moved to tears. He reads poems written about Jesus and is moved to tears. He talks about and to Jesus like he's in the room. Jesus is the last person he talks to before going to sleep (although sometimes I try to give Jesus a run for his money). Jesus is the first person he consults before a major decision. And he has passion. Lots of it. Like Keith. Like Jesus.

Come away, come away, come away with me, my love
Come away from this mess, come away with me my love.
- Keith Green

Take me away, take me away with you
Take me away, take me away with you.
- Andrew Gazaneo

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Mie said...

Nice post! Indeed, there seems to be similarities! I remember when I read No Compromise, was kind of life changing book =) I had never heard of Keith Green before that though. By the way, I really like that song by Andrew! You've/they've come up with cd? Must look for it :-) ps. I may come and visit Toronto in June 2010 (lol - I know it's a bit early planning!! But have a wedding in US to go to then..heh)You are inspiring Sarah! Happy Christmas,