Tuesday, March 24, 2009

animal farm

I was sent this link by my mom, via my brother. Does anyone remember Harry the Horse from Sesame Street? Does anyone else have vivid memories of their mother, doubled over with laughter, half-impersonating Harry trying to talk:

I do. Twenty-five years later.

In keeping with the animal theme I must honour the oath I swore to my husband last night to post a conversation we had regarding pets. We've decided to get a puppy since we both love them and, yes, I'm sure it will prove to be baby-training-wheels for us newlyweds. I cringe at the predictability of it all: married, house, puppy... I (notice: not we) also want to get a kitten. I love dogs, but I adore cats.

Andrew: "We'll get a lab puppy, but not an expensive one."
Me: "And a kitten?"
Andrew: "Yes, and a kitten. That won't be expensive. We'll find one on the street or something. They're like...leaves."

Which, sadly, is true. I was on Kijiji the other day, scanning multiple postings for adorable labs going for $400-$900 each. Kittens? $20 O.B.O.


Matt V - Mvern78 said...

How about rescuing a kitty/puppy from the shelter? Seems like a good idea to me... We did it for our cat she is super affectionate and fun to be around.

We should get together soon... T and I miss hanging out with you guys.

Seth Kimberley Graham Hunter said...

I think (I'm not sure but I think) that Harry says "I can't possibly talk with all this hair in my mouth"

but I'm not sure.

Sarah Aubrey said...

OMIGOSH, Seth, you're so right. A twenty-five year mystery, solved.

Matt - My first cat, Zooey, was from a shelter and he purred for the first 36 hours of being in my apartment. Straight. It was so rewarding. :)

Andrew G said...

it's a good thing we love Oberon