Friday, March 20, 2009

writer's block

There's an inspirational gauge, I'm convinced. I'm feeling pretty sure that every artist, musician, writer and performer can attest to it. At either extremity of this spectrum lies creativity's nemesis, mediocrity.

On one side, you have utterly convinced yourself that your art is far superior to anything else you've seen. Recently, anyway. This illusion is generally accompanied with phrases such as "these days". I myself have been lurking in this camp for a while, sagely droning, "Well, it's not as if writing is even the same these days. Text messaging? Kids don't even understand grammatical structure anymore..." If you can correctly pronounce nuclear, for example, you are elevated to an intellectual state above a national leader. Why, then, write when the audience at large is so simple, so dull, so below your intelligence?

The other end of the spectrum are the days weeks months seasons when all you are aware of is the brilliance of your fellow artists. Being caught up in a brilliant novel, reading a crystalline couplet of poetry, scrolling through a witty blog post, recognizing that even your sixteen year old brother is writing lines such as:
I've know a few roses that are guilty of hurting little children's innocent fingers. Now I've also know little children's fingers are guilty of taking an innocent cookie out of a jar without parents permission. But also, cookies are guilty of making innocent people a few pounds heavier than usual. When do we stop with the innocent chain? Probably never, seeing as we live in a fallen world.
Reading J.D. Salinger will do this to me. Why even attempt writing when there's Salinger?

I'm writing a book. Well, in theory. And that theory lies somewhere between assuming I'm better than everyone else and worrying I'm a lunatic for attempting publication. There. I said it.


Seth Kimberley Graham Hunter said...

bril. I'm in a block on both my books....

Andrew G said...

you've said it now, La