Friday, July 03, 2009

dream a little dream

At the risk of alienating my male readers, we're going to talk about DREAMS and FAIRIES and MERMAIDS today!

I stumbled upon this fantastic photo shoot and loved the shots of girls underwater. I guess it has something to do with The Water-Babies, which I've discussed before. I used to have reoccurring dreams that I was able to breathe underwater - one was so real that I immediately felt the urge to go visit my grandparents' swimming pool to test out my newly discovered skill. Thank goodness I didn't drown myself in those early years.

I also recall having many flying dreams. Not flying very high (although, I could, if I wanted to, shoot up like a rocket straight into the air) but rather coasting along at my regular height, along with my regular perspective, but horizontally instead of vertically. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world: lifting my feet off the ground and almost breaststroking through the air.

Again, these dreams could also have been the outcome of reading fiction as a child. I was mildly obsessed with the illustrated children's book Flower Fairies of the Summer for a lengthy period of time, and my brother will probably remember being forced into my imaginary game of "let's pretend we're fairies". True to my researching nature I chose a suitable fairy for him to pretend to be based on physical similarities, as well as one for myself when I was younger and one that I wished to be when I was older. I'm not kidding. I had it all worked out. Our house became a forest-hidden fairies' hideaway and the patio umbrella in the backyard was a giant mushroom.

(It's nothing compared to, again, the underwater phase I went through after seeing The Little Mermaid in theaters when it came out. We were merpeople. And our family car was a fish. And the four doors were gills.)

Come to think of it, the pictures from this fairy book are so ingrained in my memory that this one came to mind when I saw Andrew the other morning, who had just gelled his hair in little, upwards spikes.

I think I originally wanted this post to be about dreams. I must have diverted somewhere.

Actually, I'm just stalling time while I prepare yet another controversial post on singlehood. You have been warned.

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Seth Kimberley Graham Hunter said...

I'm the thistle fairy and you know it.