Friday, August 14, 2009

friday foto: label-making

I've already started to stress about these Friday Fotos since I've never given myself any deadline to work towards on my blog. Except for the time I vowed to blog every day. But then there was a tragic accident and a canceled bachelorette and planning for a wedding you can't really blame me for falling through on that one.

Today's Foto, therefore, comes to you from my very own receptionist's desk, or The Bubble, as it is fondly referred to. The environment of The Bubble was extra dynamic today since I was asked to organize one of the partner's client files. There's only one thing I like better than labelling and organizing my own stuff: labelling and organizing someone else's stuff. You might call me anal, but the hubby says it's hot. And I like what he thinks.

Here are the delicious before and after shots:


After(the labels revealing client company names have been blurred to avoid being dooced but, I assure you, they are top-notch in reality)

On a related note, I enjoyed a wonderful lunch today with Noel, pastor of Central. While we chatted I realized that the past year solidified who I am, what I am best suited for, and where I am going. As Andrew and I faced the challenges of our first year of marriage and were frustrated by situations that restricted us from planning and giving vision to new projects, we creatively channelled that energy into areas where we could plan and give vision to. We bought a house, painted the house, re-roofed the house, renovated the house, adopted two pets, planted a garden, poured ourselves into the young adults we lead, and loved every minute of it because it was WHAT WE WERE MADE TO DO. It was freeing, knowing that we could - together - dream, strategize, plan, build, and execute ideas regardless of season.

Even if it's just an afternoon spent labelling and organizing files so that they are uniform in colour and parallel in arrangement, I'm happy because I know what I do well.


Linda Hope said...

Looks fabulous, Sarah. Now to lay hands on me so i can do to my apartment what you did to your files...ooh, i'm dreaming big!

Mie said...

oh i totally love organising and labelling too!!