Friday, July 16, 2010

foto friday: my guy

This week is a mishmash of Wifersize Wednesday and Foto Friday, since Wednesday attacked me like a barrel of rabid monkeys.  My one faithful fan keeps reminding me when I miss postings.

I think some people assume that we're lying or exaggerating when Andrew and I tell them how great marriage is.  For this reason, I figure I might as well keep mentioning it. 

On Wednesday (yes, barrel-of-monkeys Wednesday), Andrew came by my office to give me a bouquet of flowers.  My favourites, Gerber daisies.  When I rejoined the lunch crowd, the jokes began.

Dude 1: "Flowers?  What did he do wrong?"
Me: "Nothing.  He just brought flowers."
Dude 1: "He didn't do anything that you know of."
Me: "No, really.  He does this sometimes."
Dude 2: "He totally did something.  He's just buttering you up."
Dude 1: "So that when you find out, he hopes you'll just think of flowers."

No amount of explanation could deter them from the idea that a husband would only bring flowers to apologize for something, or that I could be so easily distracted by bright foliage. 

I shrugged and replied that I had a husband that occasionally made other husbands look bad.  The husband in the room stopped the conversation, followed by the single guys, since...well, there isn't much to say after that.  The graphic designer went back to eating the delicious lunch that his mom had made him.

A little friendly competition isn't always a bad thing.


Lisa.Pearl.Photography said...

Love the conversation... Good Husbands are worth the wait... Love it!!

beth said...

YES! Marriage IS great and keep proclaiming it unashamedly! Booya.
Maybe even with a little snap of the fingers in a Z formation...hehe.

You are giving LOTS of people LOTS of hope, Sarah.