Thursday, July 22, 2010

wifercize wednesday: let's get (a) physical

There are still moments that sneak up on me that remind me: you're not your own person anymore.  The in-laws, the shared accommodation, the bed, the I'll-let-the-dog-out-then-you-grab-the-breakfast-and-lock-the-back-door-while-I-start-the-car Sunday morning routine: all of these are reminders that I have become used to over two years of marriage.

The latest reminder was finding a family doctor.  Andrew grew up with a family doctor who delivered him and still remembered his allergy to peaches when Andrew visited in his 20s.  Then Dr. Tennenhouse retired.  

My experience was of a vaguely-remembered family doctor through infant and childhood, and several friendly but utterly forgettable doctors in walk-in clinics and E.R.s as circumstance dictated.  Since 2006 I have been registered with the marvelous Dr. Donna Edwards, but her office was close to North York General.  Which is not close to us.

So Andrew and I realized: WE need a family doctor.  A doctor for US.  After many months during which we realized that every MD in the High Park, Roncesvalles, Bloor West Village and Junction area (much like every house in the neighbourhood) was happily occupied and would most likely continue to be happily occupied by the offspring of their occupants until the end of time, we were given insider information.

Andrew's mom, a medical secretary, had heard of a new family doctor just southwest of us who was accepting new patients.  We booked an appointment.  We love him.  He's professional, relaxed, funny, works from an iMac, has an iPhone, and drinks from an Obama mug.

And, just like that, we have a family doctor.  We sealed the deal with booking physical check-ups for both of us in the same week (I mean, nothing seals a deal like having your nether regions prodded by the same doctor and giggling about it in the kitchen later).  

A family doctor for us to share, a family doctor to have for years to come, a family doctor to take our kids to, a family doctor who will, hopefully, still know our kids when their in their 20s.

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