Friday, October 22, 2010

foto friday: mixed nuts

I promise that this feature is going to pick up soon.  It's just that the company I work for decided to get it on with another company in the States and this week can only be described as administrative-clean-up-from-the-wedding.  But, for now:

Remnants of the filming of Hairspray on Roncesvalles still linger, including this 1960s men's/boys' haircut style guide in the window of a barber shop.  Just another visual aid to further my fantasy of living on the set of Mad Men.

 Nothing says class like "Brash & Sassy".


Unless, of course, it's shopping at "Ghetto".

I wonder if ancient Rome would believe that one day we'd be selling blinged-out versions of their most gruesome method of execution and wearing it as jewelry.  

 Gifts sent to my boss, who secured the new relationship between Us and Them.  His new title: Elderius Golfius Maximus.

A great new app for my iPhone (OK, it's not new...I'm just behind) called Instagram.  Yet another technological aid to further my fantasy of living on the set of Mad Men.

The practice fire drill we endured this Wednesday.  We're on the 26th floor of our building.  And I was wearing heels.  It's safe to say that if there was a real fire, our corpses would line this stairwell as employees panic and trample each other.

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