Friday, October 08, 2010

foto friday:

More amateur photography from my iPhone and me.  We make a pretty good team.  Unless I'm receiving a text.

Yonge Street - the brightest thing on a grey, Toronto day.

This snail mocked me on my recent jog.  I'm pretty sure I heard him say something about chilling out, for heaven's sake.

If you include wings, anything can be an angel costume! 
Even a bathing suit!

A fabulous Indian restaurant,  Shala-Mar, on Roncesvalles.

The bountiful harvest from our garden.  

Manicures/pedicures with the girls.  It took three Vietnamese (one more is looking on) to pull Melissa's jeans back down over her calves.

Our morning greeting from Oberon.  The affection is all for show: he's hungry and cuteness = being fed.

Know when to quit.

This is the outcome of the storefront that promised "Something Awesome".  They delivered on their promise.  Check them out here and here.  Go, Junction, go!

Our latest addiction: Killer Bunnies.  I can't explain it to you. 
Killer Bunnies must be experienced. 


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Russet and Empire said...

Hi thanks for mentioning the store on your great blog, someone sent me this link laaaaaate last night. Pop in and introduce yourself soon!