Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Let's admit. We've all done it. We've all Googled someone (or ourselves) to see how many sites are rendered - hits that give us info, sleuthing privileges, backgrounds, photos, etc.

Sitting in the hallway of the Port Hotel, outside room 308 (because YWAM's wireless internet is spawned there...and Stanley isn't awake yet to open the door to me...), I was busy Googling away when I decided to Google myself. I'm sure Sim would argue that this action marks the pinnacle of narcissism.

When I Google my name as "Sarah Hunter" I get this, this, this, this, and this. None of which are me, but are amusing (especially the basket weaver). But "Sarah-Aubrey Hunter" brings up my blog as the first site, accompanied with the infamous quote from Nik's blog: "Rarely updated because she's too busy." Following sites include my name as the contact for the Bessies, an award show I ran over two years ago when I worked for TVB, and an article that I wrote for the Medium (UTM's campus newspaper), followed by a few other outdated Bessies references.

Moments like this make me wish that I had a more interesting name, one that belonged to only me. It creeps me out that there are other Sarah Hunters, Sarah AUBREY Hunters, in fact, that are walking the globe.


kate said...

easy stalker!
jk ;)
(remember when Nik found a picture online of a gravestone with your name on it?) freaky.

Andrew G said...


andrew said...

What do you think it takes to specialise in professional negligence, and where do I learn such important skills?

Sarah-Aubrey said...

Have I been neglecting you, Andrew? I do apologize, if I have...and, if not, then I am hardly the one to be asking about professional negligence, am I?

If you find such an expert, be sure to let me know.

littlehoudini said...

I am all over the net (in both my guises), but there are two other prominent hits of people with my given name as well. One is notable as an anti-porn lobbiest in Washington, the other often shows athletic accomplishments (like track and field).

Both of whom, for those very reasons, are so clearly, clearly not me.