Monday, March 13, 2006

Lights will guide you home

I'm home.

Nine YWAM bases, three 24-7 Prayer Boiler Rooms, five flights, twelve train rides, and eight main European cities in seven weeks. It was fun while it lasted, but it’s good to be home.

The theme of "home" has been on my heart today: what it is, how it manifests itself, whether it relates to a geographical location, or a spiritual affinity, or a community of like-minded people...or a combination.

Coming back to Toronto this week has been a lesson in recognizing home (my wanderlust is, perhaps, taking a vacation of its own) in all its subtleties. It's in my dad and Kate waiting for me at the arrival gate when I got off my plane (Kate, having tracked down my flight arrival information herself using her impeccable sleuthing skills), it’s in the scent of Lake Ontario before it rains, it’s on Queen Street on a Sunday afternoon, it’s in the reunions I enjoyed at Sarah and Billy’s wedding on Friday.

Coming home is also laden with responsibilities. When you’re on the road, making week-long friendships, sleeping in a different bed every three days, leaving behind a business card and a good impression, no one requires much of you. You’re not even obliged to keep in touch.

Once within the boundaries of the GTA I start to feel familiar gravities. People know me. People have known me for years, not days. People know my family. They know my weaknesses and they know my strengths. And, suddenly, I am held accountable for all of it. Jet lag has nothing on this internal phenomenon.

On Sunday, at church, Steve Long spoke on the topic of sonship. What struck me this morning is that the prodigal son received the family’s signet ring from his father: the symbol of authority. And responsibility.

My heart is elated, but my head is exhausted.
- Tiesto


Andrew G said...

i'm glad you're home


robtegelberg said...

when are you going to move to the west coast??? thats the real question now isnt it. I know you lust after my upper torso. You could have it all you want if youd just leave onterrible. ^^
Miss yah saLah teecha
From Lobot

littlehoudini said...

You're in Toronto and you haven't called me yet (I know I owe you email but that's not the point) - oh, you are in *such* big trouble, missy...!