Monday, June 05, 2006

buried treasure

Well, it's true.
Sitting room.

Thanks to everyone that prayed for me over the past...month. It's been a long haul, but it was worth it in the end. Credits go out to Mel who told me that "three's a charm", Linda who has been letting me sleep on her floor for three weeks, Andrew who hijacked me to go apartment hunting in the piss rain on Saturday afternoon, my mom and dad for telling me that things would be OK, Ron for giving me afternoons off and internet access for the search, and

Housewarming party to be announced soon.

Oh, and if you're able-bodied join me on Friday evening for a moving fiesta of epic proportions. My father, Nik, Dan, B, and Kate are off the hook because they've helped me move, like, fifteen times already.


Kate Dias said...

Congratulation Shorty. God be praised! I'm in heart with it already from the pictures. Location?

Kate-oops-Dias said...

clearly I meant "congratulationS"

Linda Hope said...

Yay!! Babe, though it has been so much fun to have you as my cave-buddie for nearly a month (woohoo!)...i love even more that you have found a home...Ahhh, we must continue our journey with many a trips to the irish pub with dancing polka men and the jazz cafe on Howard Park...sweet!

Andrea said...

Lookin good. Looks pretty big actually, but maybe that's cause I'm fresh outta asia?

I wanna see more pics when you get all settled.

Angela said...

Congrat(s) on the place.


Mimo said...

Looks awesome! Congrats. Our Daddy is a good Dad - of course he gives you the best gifts!! Mimsa

Jon L said...

Nice Digs!!!

Andrew G said...

yes, i agree with Kate... Congratulation.

and if I was one of your Korean students, I'd say congratulation-eh.

i think the coolest part is the fireplace... it almost makes me wish winter was here [but i'm happy it's far, far away].


A.J. said...

I am all about the fireplace as well... sweet!

Much love!

James said...

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