Sunday, June 11, 2006

yee haw

Off to the wild, wild West. Although it can be said that I have a penchant for Southern drawls, I'm much more interested in the warm, warm weather and Freshwind Texas conference that I will be attending in Dallas. Two minivans, ten 20-somethings (me and the Penny Lane a la Almost Famous do I feel?), a two-day drive each way.

All this two days after I (finally) found an apartment to settle into...

Hate to disclose that my rambling rose is gonna meet her Waterloo
I'll let her play but she can't get away 'cause I know just what to do
Anyone knows you can train a rose to be a clinging vine
So from this day hence there'll be a picket fence round that rambling rose of mine


Anonymous said...

I think that my brothers were at that Freshwinds thing-Ashli Bunch

Sarah-Aubrey said...

Wha-at? That's awesome! What are their names? I wonder if I met up with them over the course of the conference.

Small world, babe.
Small world.