Tuesday, June 27, 2006

something borrowed

I rarely check my friend Dan's blog because his grammar, spelling and punctuation give me aneurysms but I checked it recently and found this delightful little story. Now at least I know where Dan gets his frugality from...and his desire to avoid a glitzy wedding...but the story is worth a read.

Nik, who is getting married this summer, will have a modern day story worth telling to his grandkids...500 Filipino guests make any story and interesting one. I'd love for Andrew to post about the amazing story of his maternal grandparents' engagement/wedding as well. I like stories like these because they remind me of what is at the heart of marriage; a tenacity and unity that usually comes out when all the pretty extras fall away.

These stories should clash nicely with the crowned prince and princess of Woodbridge's wedding that I will be attending on Saturday. On Canada Day. So the fireworks are in their honour.
so it was my grandma's 56th wedding anniversary, but my grandpa is away in quebec, so my mom, dad and i took her out for dinner. she told us about her wedding day...its nuts...it was out on a farm in manitoba...the guests slept in the house and the barn.....my grandma stayed up most of the night making bolognie sandwiches bc that was the wedding meal...they had some salad too i think...the next day my grandma does the hair of all her bridesmaids, but then they leave her so no one can do her hair....the whole wedding cost $50....my grandpa had planned the honey moon, so my grandma didnt know...the plan was that they would drive to 6 different relatives of my grandma's that she hadnt seen in along time and some who she had never met....my grandma was not happy...the last house they stayed at decided that bc they were newly weds they would want their own place fo5 sleeping and not stay in the house with the family, so they put them in this tiny little wooden shack with a mattress that was full of mice poo, and an outhouse that was not up to par, even for those days....after spending two days there they were on their way to their new home...but the car they borrowed got stuck in the mud so they spent the last night of their honey moon sleeping in a car with about a jabillion mosquitos(they are big in manitoba)...they had to walk almost 5 miles to get a guy to pull them out of the mud...my grandma had $6 to her name while my grandpa had $0.....and thats how they started their life.....and yet they are still married...

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Mimo said...

Hehe What an encouraging story. If mine at the moment makes it anywhere, it will sound something similar to my grandkids