Friday, July 28, 2006


My darling boyfriend has left this morning, with three of his friends, on a roadtrip to the East coast of Canada for a week.

I have decided to mourn appropriately, by throwing Thea a bachelorette party tonight.

I have been told, by various people, not to complain about being unable to see Andrew for a week. Kate and Paul are separated by a four hour drive (Paul lives in Sudbury, Kate in Oakville) and only get to see each other every two weeks. Poor Jake is even worse off, having met and fallen in love with a charming Texan over a month ago (by the way, are they not the cutest?).

I should be grateful to have met someone who heralds Toronto as home. Maybe it's fate's way of repaying me for having lived most of my adult life oceans apart from people I love. And I should be grateful that Andrew's not an ocean away. Only 872.56 miles.

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