Thursday, July 27, 2006

driven to distraction

Some have observed that the population of blogland is diminishing. Or at least the flow of posting/commenting traffic. I, for one, am not going to desert Blogspot for quite a while yet but I really wish I could post like I used to. In Korea, I had scads of time on my hands to contemplate and post about those contemplations.

Today, all I can think of is bachelorettes (and male strippers), kissing, engagements, weddings, rings, and showers. Not much of a post, I'll admit, but I blame love. It's in the air.

1 comment:

Ericka said...

i think it's the heat - who can blog in such heat??

i'm also with you on the engagement, rings, weddings know, when its 72 days away, and people keep asking you to tell the story, it's probably natural to think about it, like, well, all the time.