Thursday, February 01, 2007

so i think i can dance

I flipping love this show*. I watched the season finale last night on TV and nearly wept with joy. Then sorrow, as I attempted the moves myself in my apartment (Boerger outed me - yes, it's my secret hobby...but then I've seen Boerger do some moves on Barkman's livingroom floor that should be performed on stage) on, as we will all recall, an ankle recovering from spraindom.

Dumb. Because now it hurts a little more than it did yesterday. But I managed one killer piroette.

The dancers on this show astound me. Pulling off Fosse moves like it's child's play... The routines are flawless and so full of energy. And there's always at least one or two moves in an episode that make you nearly spill your tea and stare at the screen in mute shock. Are bodies meant to bend that way/spin that fast/kick that high? And, in the case of Heidi and Benji's mambo (as featured in above pic): is that legal to show on primetime TV? Raowr.

Makes me wonder why now, NOW, in my recent gimpiness do I feel most inspired to take dance lessons again (friends have been subtly encouraging)

When my amazing technicolour dream ankle heals, it might be time to take that piroette out of my apartment.

*Credit must be given to one spectacular boy in particular, who first introduced me to S.Y.T.Y.C.D. at a summer BBQ many months ago, and whom I still think of fondly every time I watch it. Thanks, Mark.

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Joey said...

I knew one of the guys from the season before, Blake.

I remember competing at the same dance competitions when we were little.

He once did a tap number with all these girls when he was about 6 to "going to the Chapel" that was the sweetest thing ever.

I love the show. . . .

its great.

I hope they keep it going.

I was a travis fan, though. :)