Thursday, March 08, 2007


A Recipe for Overcoming Winter Blahs:
  1. Get enough sleep.
  2. Wake up earlier. In fact, turn your alarm off and trust your body to wake up at the right time. It actually will.
  3. Eat breakfast at home, not on the run. Skip the coffee.
  4. Eat greens in the morning.
  5. Don't let work stress you out. "What will this matter in the light of eternity?" is a handy phrase to repeat.
  6. Unearth a few pet projects that you "haven't had time" to do. The summer months will only be busier, so use the time you have on your hands now.
  7. Read fiction.
  8. Take the extra millisecond it requires to smile and say hi to the people you see every day. Like Gino the bus driver, Mike the postman, Emmanuel the day-time front desk guy, and Norma the night-shift front desk lady.
  9. Listen to classical music.
  10. Don't overspend on stupid stuff to make yourself feel better. You won't.
  11. Spend an evening over drinks with a friend you haven't seen in a while.
  12. Don't avoid chores.
  13. Clean your living/working space. Add pictures.
Worked for me!


Anonymous said...

i'd add

snowboarding to the list =D !!!!

Sarah-Aubrey said...

As would I, Anonymous, but, alas, I am locked in a very flat metropolis. We Torontonians who can't escape to the hills must address our winter blahs in ways.

snoopy said...


im trapped in toronto too..

but alas my parents spoil me

by allowing me to take/borrow the car up north

next time let me know if you wanna get a ride up


Shiloh Peterson said...

Thank you for the tips, Sarah. They sound brillian! Stuff I kinda know, and Wisdom often whispers, but I don't always listen...sigh! I'll try and let you know how it goes! (BTW, you don't know me, but your site was listed amongst my brother Ben(aka Mulletician)'s blogspots. From what I've learned about you on your blog, I like your creativity, poetic flare, and pizazz!) Cheers!
The Flower Princess*~