Friday, March 09, 2007

something borrowed

I know. I already posted pictures of Kate and Paul's wedding (don't bother clicking the link on Kate's name...she never updates her blog). But I just surveyed about 5 million more*, and distilled the following for your viewing pleasure - in my opinion, the best of the best. The unabridged version can be found here, on Paul's website: Enjoy.

* It's a good thing the pictures turned out amazingly, because the photographer was kind of annoying. But now I realize that she was just a genius.

Pretty, pretty Kate.
Veiled hug.
Arwen. Basically. I mean, honestly. She's SO PRETTY.
The couple seconds after they said their vows. Kate attempting not to cry.
Paul, pre-ceremony. Looking dashing.
Adorable. And hot.
Ickle wee Kate and Paul.
OK, is my mom not absolutely stunning? Stunning. Too bad about the disposable camera.
I didn't bite my lip coming down the aisle. Kate forbade me to.
Been lifted up.
More of the couple. Are they not GORGEOUS?
Thaaat's right. What.
Some candid shots of Kate.
Looking the happiest I've ever seen her.
This reminds me of that famous shot of Princess Diana on her wedding day.
By this point, I wanted the photographer's number.
Joey and Kate. Twins separated by two years.
Chloe stealing the show. Easily.
I'm sure this will be the second most incredible wedding I will ever attend in my life.


Mimo said...

Awesome photos!! She really is beautiful, and the dress too - totally like made for her!! Ohh, that last pic is awesome. All the best and happyness for them!! Thanks for sharing the pics Sarah.

s@bd said...

your mom rocketh.
(I would totally steal that hat but me-thinks one has to be petite to get away with wearing it ...)

Brad & Erin said...

The photographer was kind of annoying you say? I am curious to hear more....