Friday, April 11, 2008


Things I'm wondering about today:
  • Ashlee Simpson said, in regards to her recent engagement to Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy, "We're past the honeymoon period...It's just a really awesome thing." How odd is it that couples are constantly using the term "past the honeymoon period" prior to ever having been on a honeymoon...or having been married?

  • On the TTC, three signs are posted throughout a bus or streetcar to encourage patrons to seat themselves first at the back of the bus to allow more passengers on. The first of which says: "Step to the rear", the second: "A little Further back, PLEASE!", and the third: "THANK YOU for moving back!"
    1. Why would they use a word like "rear" if the general population of Torontonians would either a) not understand, or b) never use it over the simple word "back"?
    2. Why is punctuation missing from the first sign and present for the next two?
    3. Why is "further" capitalized?
    4. Why are we yelling "PLEASE" and "THANK YOU"?
    5. Who edited these stickers before going to production, printing off thousands of them to be posted on every bus and streetcar in Toronto, and broadcasting the their inefficiency?
  • On a somewhat related note, I recently found an animal activist group on Facebook that sparked a very heated debate. Someone commented about the misuse of the words "they're" and "there" in a previous commenter's post and tempers flared. The response, from Clint, was:
    "You're right this is an interesting topic but if communicating with people who don't use proper grammar irritates you so much then what are you doing on facebook at all? I mean come on, surly you've come to realize that this is where grammar goes to die, so why can't you just learn to accept that and listen to what people have to say and not how they say it?"
    Is that true? Has grammar died? Has it been bludgeoned at the hand of MySpace, Facebook, and texting ("how r u 2day?", "gr8!")? Strange how I found this much more disturbing a fact than the animals being discussed in the forum...
I love you, grammar. Please don't leave me.


s@bd said...

Did he really say 'surly' or was that a type-o?

Andrew G said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, grammar (and spelling, and syntax, and all the other wonderful bits of our written language) are being eroded, bludgeoned (a fine word) and otherwise harried on a daily basis by email, the web, txtmsgs, etc. I have teacher friends who will aver that this is the case (and regularly receive essays with txtmsg spellings).

As for your TTC sign questions, chances are they were not, in fact, edited in any way before printing. However, at a guess, I can shed light on the first - the 'aft' of any vehicle (boat, bus, plane) is always the 'rear'. Now, this may not be the reason that the word was chosen, but it might be.

No excuse for the other errors, however.

Sarah Aubrey said...

La, why are you praying? Are you interceding on behalf of grammar?

Jarred.D. said...

AMEN to that!