Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The sigh of summer wheezes through the trees,
Too weary of its brazen, heat-stroked song;
It rests a beat and crumples to its knees
And with one hand it passes the baton.
A cooler breeze now lifts our morning heads
From pillows where we dream of warmer days,
It carries coloured infants to their beds
From branches where they once were apt to play.
Among the echoes of this season's dirge
There never was a sweeter anthem known:
A sense, despite the winter's future scourge,
That present joys are presently full grown.
Beauty shines from autumn's finite face -
Resplendent cornucopia of grace.


Amawalker said...

Beautiful Sarah! Just beautiful.
I haven't read through your archival posts, but if you haven't already written a poem about 'Heart set on Pilgrimage', won;t you please do so? And then give me permission to display it on my blog - with credits of course!

Anonymous said...

Did you write that Sarah? It's beautiful. You should post more of that.

Sarah Aubrey said...

Thanks, Amawalker and Anonymous. Yes, I wrote it. It popped out of me the other day. :)

Amawalker: strangely enough, I haven't written a poem about the pharse, "heart set on pilgrimage" but I should. Stay tuned.

Anonymous: just wondering...who are you?