Thursday, September 25, 2008

furry friend

Not more than one day after I, Yield's friendly receptionist, sent out an all-staff reminder to the tune of:
...did Miguel leave his window open 1/2 a foot.

In the morning, I discovered this flurry of activity in and around Chris' office:

Dion developing a complex labeling system (what he does best):
With attached sign:
And handy peep-flap:
A rather tired and annoyed raccoon, in the rafters of the office:
Dion and team had placed a ladder for the raccoon's convenience, and place a piece of pizza on each rung to highlight the route. Poor raccoon didn't catch on. I tried coaxing him down with Joy, standing precariously on Chris' desk, but to no avail.

In the end, animal control was called and the travesty heightened:

In case you can't see the raccoon feces and urine crop dusting Chris' office, just take his word for it:

"Everything that could've been pissed on,
has been pissed on."

Jamie was kind enough to draft up this email by the end of day, referring to Ali who has left for a 3-month hiatus:

And this is why I love my job.


Andrew G said...

horray for pissing animals

Sarah Aubrey said...

"In my mouth, Jon. In my mouth."

A.J. said...

How funny is THAT!!!