Monday, September 22, 2008


september 22, 2008

when all around the peace decamps,
when time itself, antagonist,
turns half way 'round and seeks to kill
the hope I have for things I've missed.

when in my soul fatigue descends,
when beaten by the slew of thoughts
that plague me with their biting ways
reminding me of things forgot.

when words from others me deride,
when comfort is illusive still
provoking me to live the lie
that dreams of mine go unfulfilled.

when all my heart is desolate,
when all at once I push aside
the arms which curve around my fears,
in silence ask me to confide.

when he, despite all my defense,
when I am spent in fruitless tries,
entreats to soothe unmentioned wounds,
to wipe the tears I haven't cried

when sweet surrender finds me, soft,
when time for all my pain atones -
it slows itself to let me know:
this world is dark; I'm not alone.

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Andrew G said...

so beautiful my La... I think you're drinking of peace... don't worry