Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I've been startled by's new bus ads on the TTC, brought to me "by concerned Toronto citizens and Mercy for Animals". Mostly due to the fact that the dog they used in one of them, above, could be Solomon in a few years.

Why love one and eat the other?
they ask the public (which is rarely a wise marketing strategy, since it begs an answer: "I'll tell you why I'd buy a mattress anywhere else...") and, so, I thought I'd answer them.

Because meat is murder. Tasty, tasty murder. For one.

Secondly, I am not like most of the target audience that ChooseVeg (I assume) is attempting to reach: those who eat meat, but cry at the thought of eating house pet. I lived in Korea and very well might have injested cat and/or dog and the thought doesn't make me squeamish. I have also eaten snail, grasshopper, fertilized egg, ostrich, and raw octopus so apparently I'll try anything once. I wouldn't eat my OWN dog, however, since he cost us a fair bit of coin and Andrew would, most likely, kill me. Oh, and I love him.

I suppose if I had grown up on a farm, picked a calf out for myself, named it, raised it in the house, fed it every morning, bought medicine for it when it was sick, played fetch with it, let it lick my face, and nap on my lap then, yes, I suppose I would have a hard time eating a hamburger made out of it. But I didn't.

I live in the city where I don't see the animals I eat cooped up, abused, injected with hormones, clipped/sterilized without anesthetic, or butchered. I just eat my meat. AND I LIKE MY MEAT.

Since we've lived in our neighbourhood, which also is a meat packing district, I've seen transport trailers filled with cows and, just this morning, chickens. There is part of me that feels sad when I catch a peek at those big, dumb, brown eyes of a cow about to be slaughtered through the metal cage its kept in, the same part of me that feels ill after having caused the early death of three dozen baby convict fish, but not enough to turn vegan - which is ChooseVeg's answer.

I guess we are still aware, even if it's vaguely aware, of the way things used to be. In the Garden. When we were at peace with animals and ate the way we were originally designed to. Before the curses.

I guess, in heaven, the vegetarian food will be so good it will make up for the lack of meat. Until then, we're stuck with tofu.


Mie said...

interestingly "ei" means no in finnish ;) saying ei ei o means kind of "no no there isn't" =)

Seth Kimberley Graham Hunter said...

I doubt this post changed many vegan's opinions.

Anonymous said...

I guess you have at least begun to rationalize your disconnect from your diet. That's a start I guess.
You hint that you feel a tinge of empathy when you see the cows being trucked to their death. That reveals some compassion.
Now let's put that together.
A reasoning, moral adult should not end the investigation there.
What do you have to fear?

Anonymous said...

I said the same (well, similar) thing when I saw the ad! :) Well put.