Friday, September 03, 2010

foto friday: table of contents, part 2

Here is this week's mixed pictorial narrative:

The TTC subway system shut down between Keele and Jane stations last week.  This crowd of people was. not. moving.  At one point, someone from miles behind me shrieked, "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, JUST START MOVING.  WE'RE GOING TO DIE HERE."  We just giggled.

 The Elmwood Spa, where Andrew and I retreat to when the knots in our backs require scolding.

This streetcar driver brought his son to work one day.  He allowed him to open and close the doors, ring the bell, and sound the horn.  Knowing the TTC, the child was probably unionized.
 What could be more awesome?

Enjoyed lunch with my friend Amy at Queen Mother Cafe on Queen West.  Their patio is accessible only by traveling first through the restaurant, down a flight of stairs, through a long hallway, past the bathrooms, and back up a flight of stairs - but the outcome is worth it.

Andrew sorting out his teaching materials on our dining room table.  He becomes Mr. Gazaneo to two special ed classes and a careers class on September 7th!

Yes, we do own the most photogenic cat on the planet.  How kind of you to inquire.

Life imitates art outside of Café Balluchon.  Yes, that last one is a koala.  

I, however, do not ♥ vampires.  Andrew have laughed through watched a few of the movies from the Twilight series and cannot fathom how such an inflated budget could have been spent on a cast who can't act.

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