Friday, September 24, 2010

foto friday: welcome to the castle

Last week I posted a photo of a lonesome little potted plant wedged in the window of The Castle.  The following is a detailed description of this fine citadel.

The Castle, a fearsome fortress of estrogen, stands in the kingdom of High Park.  Six princesses currently reside there, although Princess Grzetic is pledged to marry a prince from a neighbouring kingdom and she will be transporting her estate by chariot later next week.

The Castle boasts six private quarters, a wing dedicated to quiet study and artistic endeavours, two food preparation halls, two lounges for entertaining foreign delegates, a grand front entrance, manicured gardens, and a dungeon.

The princesses cohabit in harmony with each other and relative kingdoms around them.  The Castle has been the setting for many elaborate balls thrown in honour of the princesses or one of their aristocratic peers, including the 80s themed masquerade for Princess Seachrist before she was reinstated as royalty in her home nation.

Each one of the chambers are carefully decorated according to the discriminating tastes of each princess.  The following pictorial narrative reveals a rare glimpse into the boudoir of Princess Payne and, indeed, the life of the young monarch herself.


Seth Kimberley Graham Hunter said...

Christmas lights ftw

Lisa.Pearl.Photography said...

YAY.... we made it onto the famous Saub blog... forever portrayed and recorded in the 2010 tablet called the Internet!

Jessica said...

aw, what a beautiful picture you've painted with your words sarah and your pics lisa! Makes me love the castle even more!

nicolevans said...

This isn't Jess's room - there aren't any bras on the floor!

Jessica Heather said...


This is a PUBLIC space. I don't think the world needs to know that intimate detail of my haven-hahaha.

It is my room and Sarah you have documented it beautifully:-)

I am taking it all in girls...EEEK!